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b. 1986, HK.


Things you should know...

I am a Colorado native, result-oriented, solution focused, full-stack software developer, and Certified ScrumMaster with four (4+) years of experience in web development (Rails/React); eight (8) years of experience designing and programing studio, theatrical and architectural rigging and lighting control systems; and over ten (10+) years project management experience across multiple industries. 

With a background in Leadership and Organizational Development, I thrive in challenging and complex environments, gain my bearings quickly, and immediately add value at every phase of a project’s lifecycle. I have a skill set not found in most developers where not only can I code, but I can also manage a team, coach and lead others, and leverage my strong business acumen for a better understanding of the business needs and priorities beyond the art of coding.

When I'm not coding I am working out, running and spending time with my kids, wife and dog.

When I'm not coding I am generally working out, running and spending time with my kids, wife and dog and I have hair that can only be described as amazing.




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